Dedicated to skincare that is pure and effective, Skin Dewi carries some signature products we are proud to stand behind. These products are original custom and personal formulations that have shown incredible results. The formulation features high performance natural ingredients to meet the needs of your skin.

Anti Oxidant Cocktail Photo
IDR 3,037,500.00
Basil & Orange Hand Sanitizer by Dewi Kauw 60ml Photo
IDR 29,700.00 IDR 26,730.00
Brightening Sandwich Photo
IDR 2,691,000.00
Calendula Soothing Gel 30gr Photo
IDR 594,000.00
Deeply Hydrate Sandwich Photo
IDR 2,100,300.00
Essential Spa Kit (Mini Size) Photo
IDR 1,537,800.00
Gratitude Baobab Body Balm Photo
IDR 318,000.00
Home Disinfectant Spray by Dewi Kauw 250ml Photo
IDR 187,000.00 IDR 83,000.00
Linen Spray Kit Photo
IDR 1,190,700.00 IDR 959,700.00
Skin Dewi Castor Oil 27gr Photo
IDR 70,000.00
Skin Dewi Jojoba Oil 27g Photo
IDR 238,000.00
Sunflower Seed Oil 27g Photo
IDR 178,000.00
Tamanu Green Serum 5ml (exp Dec'21) Photo
IDR 305,800.00 IDR 244,640.00
Thyme Blemish Gel 30gr Photo
IDR 880,000.00
Thyme Blemish Gel 5gr Photo
IDR 230,000.00