Hazelnut Cleansing Milk 50gr

IDR 357,500.00 IDR 333,905.00
50 g
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skincare organik yg thayyib


Hazelnut is the best buat cuci muka kulit muka aku


Aku suka banget pakai Hazelnut ini, gak berbusa tapi kulit rasanya lebih bersih tapi gak bikin kering.


Cocok banget sm kulit aku yg kombinasi. Minyak di wajah lebih berkurang dan terkontrol

Dominique Renee M Finance Staff

In an exchange of my previous cleanser, this has been a very gentle one! Becoming my favorite! Will try to get the full size soon!
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta


Use as 2nd cleanse. My skin feels soft, moist and clean in the sametime. Glad i am trying skindewi products after trying so many beauty products :)

Dewi Kirana

Soapless...tapiiiii super gentle dan it cleanse everything without stripping your natural oil...cintaaaa

Lady Yuanita

i have been using this for 3 weeks consecutive.
i used this as morning cleanser and second cleanser in the evening.
my skin feel so soft, supple and my big pores seems smaller and this product doesn't trigger acne, overall so far my combination oily skin loves it!.
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

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