World Gratitude Day

Happy World Gratitude Day! Every year, World Gratitude Day falls on the 21st of September and it’s a day to express gratitude and appreciation to each other and to ourselves. World Gratitude day first came into being back in 1965 during a Thanksgiving dinner at the United Nations building in Hawaii. At dinner, spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy suggested a day of thankfulness that the world could celebrate together and so in 1977, a resolution passed that would officially recognize World Gratitude Day. Since then, this day has grown into a global movement. But what exactly does the day mean and how can we celebrate it?


The Importance of Gratitude

It is somewhat human nature to take things for granted. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the people, places, events, and things in our lives because we have become desensitized to them. As a result of lack of gratitude, we become less present in life, and therefore, not as happy as we could be. Gratitude, in a lot of ways, has the power to rejuvenate and lift us up, whilst giving us the strength to meet challenges in our daily lives. In essence, it's a positive reminder and reinforcement of life. And that’s why gratitude is important.

World Gratitude Day has given us the opportunity to reflect on the blessings and lessons in life. On this fateful day, no person, place, thing, or event is too big or small to acknowledge.


How to Celebrate World Gratitude Day

  1. Spend time with your favorite people or at your favorite place

There’s simply no better way to spend World Gratitude Day than spending it with the people you’re most grateful for in life. Better yet, spend it with them at a place that means most to you. Do fulfilling activities, how you celebrate the day is limited only by your imagination! Host gratitude dinners with friends and family, book a group painting class, take lots of pictures together, do whatever your heart desires! The most important thing is to spend it with nothing but happiness in your heart.

  1. Start a gratitude journal

Perhaps you’re not the most grateful person this past year. That’s okay! It’s never too late to learn and improve. One of the most effective ways to be more appreciative in life is to start a gratitude journal. Gratitude is something that needs to be practiced on a daily basis, and a journal will help you to do just that. In it, write down anything (big or small) you’re thankful for. It can be as small as good weather or as big as a job promotion. You can also reflect on the worst of times: A health scare, a loss, a fight with loved ones. Reflecting on the difficult times can help you feel grateful for making it through. For example, when you’re feeling minor stress or feeling blue out of nowhere, remembering your worst of times can help put things into perspective. It helps remind ourselves that things get better, no matter what.

  1. Give back

Thanking the roof over your head, food in your refrigerator, and the bed that comforts you at night can help you realize that not everyone has the privilege of basic needs. World Gratitude Day is the perfect opportunity to give back to your community. Consider donating to shelters, orphanages, or other places that are less fortunate. You don’t even have to spend money to do good! You can collect used clothes, canned foods, or even volunteer. Donating capital, goods, or services to those who need love and attention can really help you appreciate everything in life.

  1. Thank yourself

It might seem obvious, but we rarely thank ourselves. Self-love and appreciation is just as important. Thank yourself for growth, for resilience, for talents, skills, for staying strong in the face of adversity. Thank your body for enduring pain, for being receptive to changes, for its perfect imperfections. Use affirmations to practice positive statements that can increase confidence and optimism, as well as calm nerves and manage stress.

Don’t miss out on thanking the most important person in life… yourself!