Eczema: Natural Juice & Diet Therapy - by Joyce Yong

Eczema: Natural Juice & Diet Therapy - by Joyce Yong

What is eczema?

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)  is known as sensitive, inflamed and itchy skin disorder characterized by itchy, dry, reddish and inflamed thick skin patches, which are commonly found in areas with major lymphatic points such as the face, neck, elbows, wrist, knees and feet. It can appear as various types of lesions, scratches, red patches with weeping wounds or blisters, or scaly parts with blisters, thus thinning the skin barrier and leaving it vulnerable to bacterial infection.


  • Family genetics
  • Diet
  • Stress ( weak immune system)
  • Candidiasis or parasites,
  • Constant exposure to environmental irritants or pollutants (i.e. Haze, Dust, Latex, Nightshade family like poison ivy, Chemical Detergents etc.)



Although not commonly known, Dehydration or lack of water within the body cells are an eczema trigger as all diseases begins with a dehydrated body. Without sufficient water in the body, toxins & heavy metals & bacteria tend to remain within the skin cells and stagnate in the lymphatic system, which becomes inflammation and leads to eczema.

It is vital that a daily consumption of water amounting to 2-2.5L in sips (continuous sips) or smaller mouthfuls, as this prevents body dehydration and reduces skin dryness & inflammation. Our body requires 1.85 liter of water daily in order to do its maintenance work.

Benefits of drinking in sips

  1. The brain is aware of incoming water
  2. Signals and prepares the body cells to absorb & assimilate
  3. Enables 100% hydration of entire body cells
  4. Prevents bloating & frequent bladder urination which results in loss of water
  5. Prevents dry skin, eczema & Other Skin Disorders.




A stagnated and congested liver & gallbladder, which are overworked or blocked due to liver & gallbladder stone formation, results in poor absorption of fat-soluble nutrients which are crucial to overall health especially skin health, therefore leads to eczema, dry flaky itchy and uneven skin and other skin disorders. Besides the liver & gallbladder, the skin, which is the largest detox organ in the human body, is mainly responsible for ridding the body of toxins, but due to sluggish lymphatic system, leads to outbreaks of eczema & other skin disorders.

Doing a Juice Fast & Detox which incorporates together Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse will greatly heal eczema and other skin disorder conditions. 

How it works

Drink 2-2.5L of fresh (organic where possible) fruits & vegetable juices which includes plant based omega 3-6-9 oils (for example, Udo Erasmus Oil) for 5-7 days, and depending on the length of the fast, to consume activated magnesium oxide powder with fresh coconut water, followed by the extra virgin olive oil & grapefruit juice mixture on either day 4 ( 5 days detox ) or day 6 ( 7 days detox) .


Taking a quote from Dr Norman Walker on Colon Health, “If the sewer system in your home is backed up, your entire home is affected. Should it be any different with your body?”, and another quote by Professor Arnold Ehret , “Dis-ease symptoms are an effort of the  body to eliminate waste, mucus and toxemia.

This system assists Nature in the most perfect and natural way. Not the dis-ease but the body is to be healed; it must be cleansed, freed from waste and foreign matter, from mucus and toxemia- accumulated since childhood.” 

The colon is our body’s sewage system, 2metres in length but in a winding s-shape, the main purpose of the colon is to ensure proper elimination of undigested food and prevent reabsorption of toxins into the bloodstream.

Proper elimination of and prevention of fermentation & stagnation of undigested food in the colon are dependent on 3 factors:

  1. Good Intestinal Flora (Probiotics)
  2. Good quality Nutrients (What you eat either heals or harms your body)
  3. Sufficient Hydration (water & in sips).

Constipation is a sign that there is lack of all 3 factors, and therefore contributes towards the fermentation & stagnation of undigested food which are accumulated overtime as hardened fecal matter and pushed to the sides of the colon walls which in turn constrict smooth bowel evacuation, resulting in constant bloating, reabsorption of toxins into the bloodstreams which leads to eczema and other skin disorders.

How to cleanse

  • A Castor Oil purge & cleanse would be effective in assisting in clearing out impacted toxic fecal matter.
  • Daily consumption of 2-4 capsules probiotics
  • Eliminate processed foods like white flour products & gluten products, animal meats, vegetable from the nightshade family such as tomato, eggplant, capsicum, white potato, fruits such as oranges, mango & durian, milk & dairy products, eggs, seafood, caffeine such as coffee & tea, peanuts & all nut types & its products, and to certain extent, oats barley & rye for those who are hypersensitive to these grains.

To do a Castor Oil Purge & Cleanse,  mix  (according to guideline below ) tablespoon of pure organic cold pressed castor oil ( refer to with ½ cup warm ginger honey or ginger brown sugar drink, and drink on an empty stomach either first thing in the morning or before bed.

The Castor Oil Purge & Cleanse can be done on a daily basis or until the Eczema & Skin Disorder has cleared.

Castor Oil Dosage Guidelines by Body Weight (kg)

Weight (kg)






Dosage (Tablespoon)








This article has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat nor diagnose any health condition. It is meant for knowledge and information purposes. Joyce Yong is a practicing Independent Natural Juice Therapist certified by the Complementary Medical Association UK and certified Nutritionist from Malaysia who  assists in healing via Natural Juice Therapy , Detox & Cleanse programmes.


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