Client Showcase

At Skin Dewi, nothing makes us happier than a story of triumph.  A triumph of natural and gentle skincare.  

One such story is the journey of our client, Michelle Ilone Halim.  It is fair to say that she been battling eczema since her childhood. Since this skin issue ran in the family, it is no surprise that she too experienced it. Dissatisfied with the steroid creams and conventional treatments for eczema, Michelle made the decision of giving natural remedies a fair chance.  This involved not only a change in diet & lifestyle but also a change in the products that she was using.  In this article, she speaks about her experiences using our oleogel and eczema barrier cream. 

Eczema presents a tricky situation since it is difficult to pinpoint its cause.  One way to tackle that is to start the process of eliminaion through trial and error.  Michelle gave up non-vegetarian items such as chicken, fish, beef, lamb and even dairy & eggs.  Turning vegetarian proved to be extremely beneficial.  

She noticed that her itchiness reduced significantly over longer periods of time.  Whereas, before this the steroid cream only managed temporary relief.

I am sharing her story because I believe that her success in managing eczema can serve as an inspiration to many who are still reluctant to try a more natural and holistic route. 


Dewi Kauw (DK): When and why did you decide to switch to a natural and organic option?

Michelle: I can't remember when because since I was little we already had a pretty healthy lifestyle (we don't usually eat meat and dairy at home). This made it easier to turn to a vegetarian diet.  In addition to that, my mom has a degree in industrial chemistry so she knows a lot about chemistry and how it works with our skin.  

However, treating my eczema naturally was only recently after I learned more about how to formulate natural and organic cosmetics. Prior to this, I just used steroid creams because it's easy and heals quickly. 

DK: Were there any reservations about trying natural alternatives? What were they? Have those reservations been removed?

Michelle: Yes, there were a little bit.  It is known that natural alternatives work slower than steroid creams.  Using steroid creams sometimes offers quicker relief than natural products.  Those who have eczema know that there are times during a flare up when the only thing needed is immediate relief.  Besides that, we all know that sometimes the healing process means it will itch and when it itches, sometimes I scratch subconsciously and that just makes the condition worse rather than better.  Using steroid creams, however, will dry the inflamed skin and it won't itch as much when it's trying to heal.  These reservations haven't been removed completely.  But now, I just use natural creams instead of steroid creams every time it itches.  I only use the steroid cream when it's really bad that people cringe when they see it.

DK: Did you expect it to work?

Michelle: I didn't expect much because I know natural takes longer to heal but I was pleasantly surprised.

DK: What is one feature that you like the most about our products?

Michelle: What I like the most is that it works well.  It does a good job moisturizing which is a great help for eczema. 

DK: Would you recommend this product? Why?

Michelle: I would definitely recommend this product because it helped my eczema, it's natural and offers great relief for my dry skin.

DK: Do you have any tips that you would like to share to others dealing with eczema?

Michelle: My tip would be to approach eczema from a holistic point of view.  This means that we should try and avoid foods that cause a flare up.  You will only discover this through trial and error.  Moisturizing is also crucial and I would highly recommend that we have a jar of cream or lotion handy at all times.


We, at Skin Dewi, hold Organic Skincare Workshops every month.  Take this opportunity to learn to formulate and design products that suits your needs.  

Our next workshop will be held on 17 - 19 May 2017.