Skin Dewi was inspired due to my second child having a rather severe condition of allergies and atopic dermatitis. It is hard enough to find good quality skin care products for sensitive skin, yet alone a product that works well for new born babies with such skin conditions. I don’t want to be dependent on the steroid creams the dermatologist prescribed for her, and so I began to search for the “perfect” products for my precious baby. I’ve tried many on the market, and nothing seems to work, and like many people out there with skin sensitivities and issues, I began to explore DIY routes searching for non-toxic, safe, natural and organic solutions for my baby.

After a trip to Germany where I was impressed with their natural and organic selections, I decided to take another step to learn how to formulate my own products. I quickly found School of Natural Skincare and signed up for their diploma class. Thirsty for more knowledge, I later signed up with Formula Botanica for their advanced diploma and other certifications classes such as natural preservation, stability testing… I also studied essential oils for skin from Tisserand Institute by Robert Tisserand. In May 2016, pregnant with my third child, I went to France to study at Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse. Graduated from University of Washington with my background in Chemical Engineering, I approach skin care in a very methodical and scientific way.

Skin Dewi is founded because I found my passion to help everyone achieve healthy, beautiful skin. As a mother, I have gone through challenging times with my baby with her atopic dermatitis condition, I can’t imagine others going through this challenge – as a mother or as an individual. Since my journey started, I have met and helped many people to manage their skin issues. The smile on their face, and seeing the confidence lit in their eyes keep me going on this journey. If I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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At Skin Dewi, we are proud advocates for natural and gentle beauty solutions that deliver great quality and high performance. We have made it our personal goal to not only provides, but to inspire and promote the formulations of pure, nontoxic and high performance product that delivers results. We believe that each ingredient on the label should achieve targeted results without compromising on quality.

With that vision in mind, our products and workshops are realized to help you make more educated and accurate beauty choices. We will show you how to push away the grey clouds of ambiguity in products and tune out the marketing noise, to find and reveal the true and genuine answers to your skin problems.

Just like the quietly elegant Jasmine flower we have chosen to represent us, Skin Dewi upholds and believes in beauty that is pure, simple and sincere.




Our philosophy: Life Changing Beautiful

Lives change when skin change. Skin Dewi’s goal is to empower you with the knowledge and means to change your life by changing your skin. A life-changing skin is beautifully healthy skin that blooms with quiet luminance, and is so firmly and remarkably uplifting that a natural confidence will radiate through your whole attitude, your full being, to your entire life.

Skin Dewi also focuses on beauty holistically. Beauty comes from the inside out. It is crucial to look at what’s inside so that it can projected out.

Our difference: We help you help yourselves. Rather than focusing on selling you things that were made behind closed doors, Skin Dewi aims instead to share and transfer to you directly, skincare knowledge that has been distilled from years of experience and education. Now, the baton of decision-making will be passed into your hands. We teach you what we know. You decide what’s best for you.



Whatever your skin type, whatever your skin concern, our organic skincare workshops will guide you through the options and solutions available to you. These workshops are designed to raise questions and answer problems. The questions of hows, whats and whys of ingredients; and the effective formulations you can create to solve your skin problems.



Dedicated to skincare that is pure and effective, Skin Dewi carries a few products we are proud to stand behind. These products are originally custom and personal formulations that have shown incredible results, and hence have been short listed here so they can be shared with you.

Skin Dewi formulates with certified organic ingredients. We do not test on animals.

Every Skin Dewi product is distinctive and the result of our dedicated research and perfectionism. We hand make in small batches so that the products are as fresh as possible when you receive them.



Skin Dewi carries and sells skincare ingredients you can use for your custom formulations. We believe in using the best ingredients, ethically sourced, to harvest the best results. All ingredients sold on Skin Dewi’s website are pure and cosmetic grade. They have been individually chosen for their potency and quality.