Sunflower Seed Oil 27g

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Sunflower or which has the Latin name Helianthus Annuus is a plant that is famous for its beautiful sun-shaped petals. Behind its beauty, it turns out that Sunflowers have various benefits that are useful for health.

Sunflower oil itself is obtained from sunflower seed extract. This oil is able to hydrate and keep the skin moist. Its antioxidant content makes sunflower seed oil often used for cosmetic ingredients. In addition, this oil is also suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Because it contains high levels of linoleic acid and is proven safe for sensitive skin. The consistency is also relatively light so it can absorb well into the skin.

Not only as a moisturizer, this oil is also effective in treating acne, eczema and inflammation. Here are some of the benefits for facial skin:
- Improve Skin Texture
- Moisturizes Skin
- Relieves Acne and Inflammation
- Natural Anti Aging
- Shrink Pores
- Evens out Skin Tone