Skin Dewi Witch Hazel Water, (Skincare organic)
Inci: Hamamelis Virginiana

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Skin Dewi - Organic Skincare

Witch Hazel Water, Organic

Witch hazel extract is a wonderful ingredient for use in your cosmetic and medicinal preparations. It is gentle enough to be used alone, or it may be combined with other ingredients or herbs.  

Witch hazel extract is distilled from the twigs and bark of the Witch hazel tree.


Witch hazel is mainly used externally on sores, bruises and swelling, shaving cuts and abrasions for men. It is also a remedy for sunburns.


Witch hazel hydrosol is a strong antioxidant and astringent which makes it very useful in fighting acne. It has been recommended for psoriasis, eczema, aftershave applications, cracked or blistered skin, for treating insect bites, poison ivy and as the treatment of choice for varicose veins and hemorrhoids.


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Typical Analysis

Color- Colourless to pale yellow
Odor- characteristic
pH- 4.4
Gravity- 0.998
Bacteria- less than 1 000
Yeast and Moulds- less than 100