Skin Dewi Maritime Pine Essential Oil (Skincare Organic) - EXP MEI 2021
INCI: Pinus Pinaster

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Skin Dewi - Organic Skincare

Botanical Name - Pinus pinaster

Maritime Pine Essential oil for antiseptic, warming, clearing, good for everyday muscle aches, chest and lungs. Fresh clean balsamic aroma. This oil has a higher ester content than the other pine essential oils, adding to its analgesic effect - as well as giving it sedative and anti anxiety properties. Maritime pine has also been found to beneficial for rheumatoid pain and arthritis. Aroma piercing and balsamic with extraction from steam distillation process. Also known as - Turpentine, Sea Pine and Ocean Pine.

Part of Plant - Needles, Country of Origin - Portugal, Chemical Constituents - Alphapinene & betapinene
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