Skin Dewi Cardamom, Essential Oil Organic (Skincare Organic) - Expired August 2020
Inci :: Elattaria cardamomum

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Expired August 2020

Skin Dewi - Organic Skincare

Before becoming a popular spice, cardamom was actually used during the ancient times. The Romans used it to soothe their stomachs whenever they overindulged, while the Egyptians added it to perfumes and incense. Meanwhile, the Arabs loved mixing it into their coffee for added flavor.

Today, cardamom seed oil is widely used for helping cure muscular and respiratory spasms, providing relief for pulled muscles and cramps, and even helping alleviate the symptoms of whooping cough and asthma. Cardamom seed oil can also be used to help promote healthy skin, working as a natural cleanser to disinfect skin and give it a natural radiance. It also works as a skin toner that helps fight the signs of aging. Cardamom seed oil can also be used to assist in promoting healthy hair, such as combatting scalp infections and dandruff.

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Expiry Date : Aug 2020