Skin Dewi Black Pepper Essential Oil (India), (Skincare Organic) - Expired September 2020
Inci: Piper nigrum

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Expired September 2020

Skin Dewi - Organic Skincare

Black Pepper essential oil is used in aromatherapy for arthritis, muscular and rheumatic pains, and it also helps the immune system combat colds, infections and viruses.


Black pepper oil is also known to stimulate the appetite and is considered an aphrodisiac particularly when expertly blended with other essential oils.


Black pepper is used in minute quantities in perfumery in a similar manner to how it is used in food – to add depth and pique the interest at the opening of the perfume (the top notes). It can add an interesting nuance to any floral bouquet and blends well with almost all oils, as long as only very little is used, as the tenacity of this oil is quite high. It is used in carnation compounds alongside clove buds and floral notes such as ylang ylang, rose and jasmine.

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