Silk Amino Acid
Inci: Silk Amino Acids [Min. 14% Total Nitrogen]

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Silk Amino Acids (min 14% total nitrogen)


Hydrolyzed from pure silk fibers, silk amino acids have a lower molecular weight and therefore are more penetrating and moisturizing to skin and hair.


Silk is taken from the cocoon of the silkworm moth after the moth has emerged from the cocoon to ensure that no moths are harmed in the harvesting of the silk. After the silk thread is isolated from the vacant cocoon, the fibers are cleaned and degummed. Silk Amino Acids are manufactured from the silk noils by hydrolyzing them down to the free amino acids under carefully controlled conditions.




Recommended for formulating shampoos, conditioner, hair treatments, bodywash, body lotions, cleansers, toners and facial moisturizers, mascara, lipstick and color cosmetics.


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