Bamboo Sensocel BC 90

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Sensocel BC 90 is a natural and environmental friendly raw material, made from bamboo.

This ingredient is made from bamboo fiber, and is very gentle and soft to touch. It is

  • high water and oil binding
  • temperature stable & pH stable
  • chemically inert
  • easy to dispers
  • allergen free (gluten free)
  • vegan ingredient
  • free from animal testing
  • GMO free
  • halal & kosher

You can use this ingredient for several purposes: including

  • micro cleansing particles for toothpastes
  • stabilisation of emulsions and Pickering emulsions
  • replacement of synthetic fibres like nylon, PMMA or polyethylene
  • moisture regulation, e.g. in caring masks for a homogenous dry out during the application
  • white and coloured peeling particles in shower peelings and cleansing lotions
  • extraordinary binding capacity, e.g. in deodorants for a pleasant dry skin feel
  • microplastics-free lash and volume extension in mascara
  • professional matting agent in colour cosmetics and luxurious beauty care lines

Dosage: as needed there are no maximum allowed dosage.




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