Mini Workshop - The Essential Color Cosmetics (Lipstick, Eyeliner & Brow Pomade)

Some women love to rock bold lips, some like to wing their eyeliner and others like to have their brow shape spot on. Either way you like it, we have the perfect class for you. Come and join us in learning how to make those essentials cosmetics to accentuate your natural beauty in a natural way! Oh and we throw in one bonus class to help wipe off all the cosmetics by the end of the day.


Take Home:

1 Lipstick

1 Eyeliner

1 Eyebrow Pomade

BONUS: 1 Bi-Phase Make Up Remover


Notes : Not Refundable

Tutor : Stella Guo

Venue : Pantai Indah Kapuk

Limited 20 seats