Hyssop Essential Oil, Organic
Inci: Hyssopus officinalis

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As a ritual cleansing herb, hyssop has an ancient medical history, known for its ability to warm and clear the lungs. Use hyssop in your aromatherapeutic formulas to add strength and tonification to the respiratory system. Hyssop has a pleasant, sweet herbal fragrance that will compliment your winter wellness diffuser blends. It will also make them more effective!

Hyssop oil is similar in function to conifer oils, such as pine and juniper. It will also add general strength to the body and mind in the same manner as rosemary. It is warming, clarifying and slightly stimulating. Hyssop can be helpful to diffuse during times of mental stress or fatigue. The hyssop herb has been used since biblical times with intentions of purification.

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