Fennel Sweet Essential Oil (Australia)
Inci: Foeniculum Vulgare Dulce

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Fennel was highly valued in the ancient world by Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians for its value as a carminative, expectorant, and as a talisman used in various rituals. Fennel is a food plant that can be eaten as a vegetable, is prized as a tasty aromatic spice for a variety of Ayurvedic and Mediterranean dishes, and is used as a flavoring in various liqueurs such as gin and absinthe. Due to fennel's gentle nature, it is used to support digestion in infants and children, and can be given to nursing mothers.


Sweet Fennel essential oil has a sweet anise seed-like aroma. Sweet Fennel is excellent for cleansing the body of toxins due to excesses of food, alcohol, etc. and is considered to be a tonic for the digestive system.


An excellent remedy for digestive complaints, muscle spasms and menstrual pain.

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Best Before : September 2020