Cocoa Butter Refined Pellets, Organic
Inci: Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter

IDR 67,000.00
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Cocoa butter is manufactured by squeezing the oil and fat from cacao seeds. It is then filtered to remove the colour and odour to give a pure solid wax with a light aroma. The wax has a melting point of 31-35C making it perfect for body butters and to build viscosity in creams.

 This is an oil soluble ingredient that can be applied directly to the skin in any concentration. It is usually blended with a lower melting point oil to increase the spreadability. Cocoa butter is a wonderful natural emollient moisturiser which is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is wonderful when dealing with dry and chapped skin and can be used in both skin preparations and lip balms. Cocoa butter is rich in anti-oxidants.

Cocoa butter can be blended into a product to create a cream or can be used alone on the skin, where it is particularly suited to sensitive skin types. Adding cocoa butter to your blend can slightly preserve the shelf life as it is a natural preservative.



BBE : Nov 2020

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