Borage Oil, Organic
Inci: Borago Officinalis Seed Oil

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A dry thin oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. Its natural aroma is slightly like a damp room or moldy paper so it is best to add base note essential oils like Benzoin, Patchouli or Cedarwood.

 A high GLA borage oil made from organic cold pressed seeds with a nice deep color, and pleasant taste. A prized oil for its abundant dietary, health, cosmetic, and medicinal benefits. This particular oil should be kept refrigerated and away from natural and artificial lighting.This oil should not be heated, and must be used cold to take full advantage of its health benefits. For cosmetic applications, either apply directly, or add to your recipe after all heating has taken place.


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Best Before : September 2019


Color- Yellow with a very faint green hue
Odor- Characteristic
Acid Value- 2.1
Peroxide Value- 1.4
Non-Saponifiables- 0.78%
Saponification Value- 190.6
Specific Gravity- 0.917
pH- 4.26

Fatty Acids
Docosenoic- 2.2%
Icosenoic- 3.8%
Gamma Linolenic- 20.1%
Linoleic- 38.8%
Oleic- 17.9%
Palmitic- 10%
Stearic- 3.6%

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