Aloe Vera Powder 200x Concentrate
Inci: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder

Concentration: 200:1   This Aloe powder is 200 times more concentrated than the fresh plant. 


Aloe Vera is a very popular ingredient in modern products, including soaps, cosmetics, shampoo, hair conditioner, sun tan lotions, as well as medicated creams and ointments. The vitamins found in Aloe include B complex, folic acid, C and carotene (a precursor of vitamin A).


Aloe is also a brilliant moisturising agent. It is the polysaccharides or sugars that predominate and these sugars are hygroscopic (water-loving) and paired with the fact that these sugars form a strong meshed structure they are both substantive and moisturising to the skin.




So, if you wanted to reconstitute the Aloe and make a 1:1 solution suitable for an organic formula you would add 0.5g of our Aloe powder to 99.5g of purified water.


Added at between 0.1 - 1% in a formula.

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